Looking for Nice Games For Couples Shower? We think this Animal Couple Themed Bingo is Worth Checking Out


Be sure to check out the instructions of our games for couples shower for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

This is one of our games for couples shower, one that features names of couples (of the animal variety), and designed to be played the bingo way. If this game idea interested you, this is where you can find more bingo game cards.  But if it didn’t, strike your fancy that is, we do have other couple shower games found at our main bridal shower games page. And of course you can always check out our sexier and naughtier games, which we placed under our bachelorette party games. We have something designed with a Kama Sutra theme that you can check out, but make sure you have the bride to be’s go ahead since she might not like the idea of naughty games on her bridal send-off party. And don’t let the Kama Sutra part scare you since it doesn’t come with naked photos or pictures. It’s all about Kama Sutra position names played as a word search game or something that can played like any other bingo game. We recommend that you check it out for yourself and make decision if said games are really worth adding as your games for couples shower.


Games For Couples Shower (Card 23)




Games For Couple Themed Shower (Card 24)



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If you are not particular to just printable games for couples shower, then you might want to check our coed bridal shower ideas page, which is our one-stop page for any idea related to couple themed showers, and it include some games designed for coed showers in mind. These games are not the sort that you can play from the comfort of your own seats, the same way one plays printable games, but they do come with the right couple twist, so if you are a believer that a combination of both printable and active games is the way to go, make sure you check said ideas out.

How to get our bingo games for couples shower:

Getting images from the net is fairly simple, we bet you have lots of experience doing so already. And since our printable games for couples shower are saved as JPEG files, just use your typical method of getting images so that you can get all the bingo cards you need, which will be the two cards found on this page, and other cards which are found on our other pages. Simply navigate back to our main bingo page and follow the provided links that will lead you to more bingo cards like the one found here.

How to play our games for couples shower:

Our bingo cards are different from traditional bingo because first, this comes with words instead of numbers, words related to names of animal couples to be specific. But despite those differences, you can easily play this the same way you play traditional bingo – a host will still need to draw from the lot (make sure you print, cut and roll our list of bingo words, also found on our main game page), announce the word to everyone, and players will need to check out their cards and mark any match they find. This will go on until a player or more cry out bingo, which will be because they already have a line match, may it be a diagonal, vertical or horizon word match.

Of course there’s always room for a nice twist if you want to inject this very traditional game with extra juice. Why not play it as a multi-level game? Each level will have multiple groups playing, each group will have the same set of cards as the other groups, and on each level there will be a different goal, wherein winners will move to the higher level and compete with fellow winners. We think this is a nice twist that you can consider and adapt as is, but if this idea helped you come up with something that will work better for your event,  then go ahead and do it your way since you know your event and your guests better, so you can better say which approach will work, or which one will work better.



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