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Be sure to check out the instructions of our games to play at wedding showers for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

One thing for sure, we have lots of ideas on what games you can play on the wedding shower you’re planning for her, whether you are looking for a pen and paper game, meaning printable, or move active games that will require your guests to get out of their seats.

The game here in particular is the first kind, since what you can find on this page are some of the printable bingo cards of our Cocktail Bingo game. This bingo game features the different names of cocktails, wherein sexier cocktail names like Orgasm, Hanky-Panky, Bloody Mary and Blow Job are just a few examples. Love this game idea? Find more bingo cards here.

If you want more ideas for your games to play at wedding showers, we suggest you check out our bridal shower games main page, and on the top section, you will see our list of printable wedding shower games, the middle section contains some ready to print games from our favorite game supplier, while the bottom section focuses on traditional bridal shower games which we are tagging as active games.


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Done browsing through our bridal shower games? If you still have room for more wedding-related games, we also recommend you check out our bachelorette party games since we think they will also work as your games to play at wedding showers. Similar to our bridal shower games, our bachelorette games come in two kinds – the printable kind, found on the top of the page, while our more physical games are found at the bottom of said page. That should give you tons of games to play at wedding showers already!

Get our bingo games to play at wedding showers:

These games, the same with our other bingo game cards, are all saved as images so you can just follow your typical method of getting images from the net and with those simple steps, these game cards will be available to you locally. But since we’re pretty sure you will have more than two guests or players, you will need to get more cards, which you can easily do by navigating back to our main page, following the provided links which will lead you to a page similar to this, wherein you can again follow your image-saving instructions until you have enough cards for your event.

And just in case you will need more than the card we made available readily, one easy approach to fix this is to print more than one copy of a card or two. This may mean more winners if ever, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

If you have the time and inclination, another way is to create your own bingo cards with the help of some bingo maker sites, and there’s a number of them. You can choose to stick to our bingo word list, or if you want to just adapt the idea and make everything from scratch, that’s also part of your option. 



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Another games to play at wedding showers idea:

Why play the pen and paper cocktail game, when you can easily play with real cocktails?

So if you’re game, then play Guess The Cocktail. You will need a number of cocktails, wherein each will be numbered properly and have each of your guests guess the name of said cocktail after they take a sip or two.  The person with the most number of correct guesses definitely deserve a prize or two for being your Cocktail Expert.






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