Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitations, Thank You Notes and Blank Cards


Be sure to check out the instructions of our Hawaiian bridal shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Hawaiian bridal shower invitations anyone? Find one of our invitations for this theme here, this one in particular shows our site’s bride to be with her grass skirt and colorful flowers, which makes this a cool option if you are throwing her a Hawaiian themed shower and you happen to need an invitation.

But we would like to stress that this is just one of many, so if there is something about this that did not strike your fancy, we encourage you to look into our other Hawaiian bridal shower invitations. And you might also want to look at our beach bridal shower invites since they come with certain elements that will make them great invitation options for this theme.



CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Invitations



CREATIVE Bridal Shower Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards



Ready To Use Bridal Invitations






Get our Hawaiian bridal shower invitations:

Our bridal shower invites are all saved as images, making it quite simple for you to get all the templates you want. Just follow your typical method of downloading images from the net and that should lead you to getting these saved on one of your download folders. Just keep in mind where you have these saved since you will need to open it on a latter day when you are about to create your Hawaiian bridal shower invitations.

Hawaiian bridal shower invitation templates:

Before we even go on and discuss how you can add your party details, let’s start with some details on what each template is all about.

As already described above, our bridal shower invites for this theme comes with lots of designs, and for each design, there will be three templates – one is our ready to use invitation, followed by our thank you notes, and the last one is our blank template.

The thank you card is pretty straightforward so we will start with that. These are ready to use if you think it says the right word of thanks as it is. Want to customize your words of thanks? Read through below on how to do so.

Now let’s discuss how to proceed with your invitations. If you want your invitations to be completed with just a few simple steps, then take a look at our ready to use invites since it’s designed for you to just fill up your party details and it’s basically good to go. If you have every intention of coming up with your invitation wordings with some prose that fits the bride to be specifically, why not use our blank invitation template? It still comes with the same design as the others so that’s one less thing for you to worry about, which can allow you to focus in coming up with amazing wordings that will WOW your guests.

Add your pertinent info on our Hawaiian bridal shower invitation templates:

Whether you are using the blank template or the ready to use one, you will need an image editor that will allow you to add your text on either image. But if you don’t have one, you can also use Microsoft Word to do this. Succeeding instructions will be for the latter.

In a blank document, insert the template you will use. Then on top of the image, use the textbox function to insert one or more, textboxes that is. If you are using the ready to use template, we recommend you insert one textbox per field. But if you are working on the blank printable, then a single textbox on top of the image will do, just resize it if you need more space for your text.

And if you are inclined to do so, why not experiment with the font, font color or even text background? And you don’t even need to stick with the fonts you have on your computer by default. There are lots of free fonts around the net, and you can easily find something designed for anything Luau or Hawaiian. You might need to do some trial and error here and there since what you see on the preview is not necessarily what you will get, but based on our experience, the use of right font can really improve the overall look and feel of an invitation so just go through this and your time will definitely be worth it.

And if you want to customize your thank you card invitation wordings, you can actually use our blank template but instead of words that will entice your guests to RSVP, express your gratitude instead.



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