Tips on How To Decorate For A Bridal Shower If The Bride-to-Be Love Pirate-Themed Celebrations

Tips On How To Decorate For A Bridal Shower


If you are looking for tips on how to decorate for a bridal shower, especially a pirate themed one, as can be seen below, we didn’t just provide you tips and ideas, we also have printable decorations for your free download. We know for a fact that setting up the right atmosphere can be quite challenging so we made sure we have some stuff that you can use for your different printable decoration needs. And please read through each of our idea per printable since when we say decorations here,  it’s not just about decorating your surroundings, some of these might even help in decorating your pastries like brownies and cupcakes, and also your favor box, just in case you need to add some accents on it.

We also have other printables and ideas on how to decorate for a bridal shower with a pirate twist. Check them out by following said link.

What comes with this how to decorate for a bridal shower collection:

You will actually get a pirate themed bridal shower banner, at least banner pieces, that when assembled properly you can hang on your party room. The way you will hang your banner is definitely up to you although we did provide some tips on how to decorate for a bridal shower, at least your main event room.

You will also get our similarly designed square and circle printables which you can get in two sizes. The smaller ones are quite perfect for anything that will welcome small decorations like your pastries, your favor box and so on. The bigger variant on the other hand, are perfect for decoration areas wherein size matters. You can read through our ideas per printable for more details.

All these you will get in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader so you can make use of these.


How to decorate for a bridal shower using our banner:

On the left side shows how this particular banner is designed. If you like this bridal shower banner, then make a right click on said link so that said printable will be downloaded on your computer instead of being opened from your browser.

Once you have it saved, open it using your PDF reader and print it using a material where you want your banner to appear. If you are using some special paper, you might want to do a “test print” on a bond paper first just to make sure that your printer settings is set correctly. Done with your printing? It’s time to snip and snip so bring out your scissors and other cutting materials.

At this point your banner pieces should already be all cut out. So it’s time to decide on how you can hang them. The most straightforward approach is to just post these directly on one of the walls of your room. But just in case that option is not for you, another approach is to cut two opposite holes on each piece and inserting a string between them. As always, you know your party room better so if you have another approach on how to hang your banner that is quite different from what we shared above, go ahead and do it your way.




Ready To Use Bridal Shower Decorations


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How to decorate for a bridal shower using our small printables:

Did you prepare cupcakes or other pastries for your shower? This will be great when printed on cardboard stock and glued on a toothpick. And you can even extend this beyond pastries, if possible.

Another use for these small printable is as an accent to your favor box, just in case you decided to do it yourself, or if you think your purchased favor box is too plain as it is. Print this on a sticker paper and you can stick it on any part of your favor box. We do think closing your lid with one of these small printable stickers is quite cool so we’re pitching that in.

Did you like our ideas on how to decorate a bridal shower? Great, get our free printable bridal shower decorations, small printable collection.


How to decorate for a bridal shower using our big printables:

Our bigger sized printables are perfect for areas wherein size matters, bigger size that is. This is perfect as your wall decoration, party buntings, although we do think a mix of small and big printables is a good idea and will provide variety. If you are making your own decoration centerpiece, we think these printables can really help turn any ordinary centerpiece into their theme-based counterpart.

Are you going for flowers as your centerpiece? You can basically use any jar, although we like the idea of using used wine bottles as your vase. And just surround it with some nice-looking ribbon which comes with black and pink colors and you can just basically tack one of these bigger printables right there at the middle and it can really improve the overall look and feel of said table decoration.

We think there are more ways that these big printables can help on your shower decorations. If you like the idea of these printables, get our ready-to-print bridal shower decorations, big printable collection.




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