Looking for Naughty Ideas For Bachelorette Party Games? Our Kama Sutra Themed Word Search Game might just be What You Want

Anyone looking for ideas for bachelorette party games? What we like about this game idea is that it has the right amount of naughtiness without being downright dirty, which makes it a perfect addition to any bachelorette party. It’s naughty because it is about Kama Sutra positions, but before you imagine all sorts of nude photos and such, we want to assure you that it doesn't come with any pictures whatsoever since we just singled out the names of the positions and there's no actual image that demonstrates what each position is all about. Selected position names are integrated on this printable game wherein each of your player will need to search for each word among a jumble letters on this Kama Sutra-themed word search game.

If you think this is a cool idea, we say  make sure you get the bride-to-be’s OK first before you decide to add this. And once you have her go signal, read through our instructions for details on how you can get our printable game cards , as well as our other ideas for bachelorette party games which include tips on how you can play this game.

If she didn’t like this idea or you are just looking for other options, this is where you can find our other ideas for bachelorette party games. We just want to highlight that we have two kinds of bachelorette games on said page – one that will require your guests to move around and leave their chairs, and of course pen and paper games that they can play while chatting with fellow guests and friends.



Kama Sutra Word Search Game

Word Search Card 1

Word Search Card 2

Word Search Card 3

Word Search Card 4

Word Search Card 5

Word Search Card 6





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How to play this Kama Sutra-themed game:

If you have already seen our game card, you would have seen that the ideas for bachelorette party games that we are pitching here is the word search kind. The first card on each page is the main puzzle, while the second card is its corresponding answer key.

As with other word search games, each player will need to search for words amidst the jumbled letters. The words are related to Kama Sutra name positions, as already described above. The list of position names that each player must search for are found at the bottom of each game card.

To play this game, you can choose to just have everyone solve the same puzzle, which means you only need one of the game cards we have provided. Another option is to have each guest solve a different puzzle, and that is where our other word search game cards will come in. But since we cannot guarantee that all puzzles are created with equal difficulty, we suggest that you let each player draw their card which should take care of card assignment.

The player who was able to solve the puzzle by finding all the words within the shortest amount of time will be your winner.

How to get our printable ideas for bachelorette party games:

All our printable game cards are saved as image files, so you can just follow your typical method of getting images from the net to download these – follow one of the provided links  above, which will lead you to a page that contains one game card – the second game card is the answer key to the main puzzle.  Do a right click on each image, choose to save the file, and just save it to your Games folder or some other folder location. Repeat the whole process (starting from visiting more links that will contain another game card) until you have the right number of cards that should be the same as the number of your guests.

More ideas for bachelorette party games:

Although not exactly designed for bachelorette parties, you might want to look at our bridal shower games and see if said games, which are still about getting married, will work on your event. Similar to our ideas for bachelorette party games, our bridal shower games come in two kinds – the active version and the pen and paper version. Make sure you check both ideas out.



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