FREE Jack and Jill Bridal Shower Games - Enjoy this Animal Themed Bingo with the right Couple Twist


Be sure to check out the instructions of our Jack and Jill bridal shower games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

If the bride and groom to be have decided to be both present, your event might just need Jack and Jill bridal shower games. And that is where the printable game cards on this page will come in. These are actually two of the bingo cards we have prepared for our Animal Couples Bingo game. And as the name of the game implies, this is all about the different names of animal couples designed to be played as a bingo game.  Get more bingo cards on our Animal Couples Bingo Game main page.

If this is not the Jack and Jill bridal shower games for you, you can also check our bridal shower games page for our other couple themed printable games. We also think that our bachelorette party games, especially our Kama Sutra themed games, are worth checking out if the bride to be doesn’t mind going a wee bit naughty. And since these games are still about getting married, albeit the naughty side of it, we think it is still worth looking at as long as the bride to be has no violent reaction to said idea.


Jack and Jill Bridal Shower Games (Card 21)




Jack and Jill Shower Game (Card 22)



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On either bridal shower and bachelorette party games main pages, you will find that we have two kinds of games – our traditional games, which are usually more active and will require your guests to get out of their seats more often than not. And our printable games, which are perfect as sit down games just in case this is appealing to you and your guests. We believe in giving you lots of options, that’s why we prepared both kinds. And you don’t need to go for just one approach for your event. We think a mix of both kinds of games is something that needs to be considered, especially since printable games are perfect as “breather” between active games, and you definitely want your guests to stretch their legs once or twice, which is why a purely printable game approach might also not be a good idea. But the final decision is of course still yours. As always, we recommend that you go for the approach that will appeal to the bride and groom to be, and of course the guests of the party.

How to get our Jack and Jill bridal shower games:

Both of the bingo game cards you can find here are saved as JPEG files, and you can get them by going to the image, doing a right click on it, choosing to Save File/Image As ,and saving it to your C:\Bingo folder.

And since you will definitely need more than the two cards found on this page, make sure you navigate back to our main Animal Couples Bingo Game main page and from there, follow links to pages similar to this which should lead you to downloading more bingo cards.

How to play this Jack and Jill bridal shower games:

Yes ,this can still be played like typical bingo game despite the differences of this game to bingo games of old which comes with numbers and such. When you play this game, you can still have a host call out the bingo words, which happens to be the names of animal couples, players will need to listen carefully and check if they have a match, with the first player who can make a line match,  which can be a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line match, being the winner.

Just one thing that needs to be considered. You would have noticed the absence of the B I N G O columns on these bingo cards, and the fact that words are not tied up to certain columns only and can actually appear on any of the columns. One word that appeared under column one on one card can also appear under another column on another card. Now how does this fact affect your game play? Basically, this is just something that need to be considered by the host since this just means that every time a word gets called out, each player will need to scour through their entire cards and thus, this fact needs to be considered by the host so as to properly pace the words. But we did make sure that words will only appear once per card so once a player finds a match, no need to look further for other matches on the same card.

So what are you waiting for! Add this Jack and Jill bridal shower games to your event!


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