Looking for a nice Jack and Jill Wedding Shower Games? We would like to pitch this Famous TV Couples Bingo Game!


Be sure to check out the instructions of our Jack and Jill wedding shower games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Did they decide that they will be both present on the day of the shower? Perfect, since that matches the game we have right here, which is our Famous TV couples bridal shower bingo game. You can find two bingo cards on this page, both featuring husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends from your favorite TV series, designed to be played as a bingo game. So expect to find names like Mike and Carol Brady, Monica and Chandler Bing from Friends, and we even included Gomez and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family! So if you love said idea, and since we’re pretty sure you will need more than the two cards on this page, we say check out our Jack and Jill wedding shower games main page.

And we also recommend you check out our bridal shower games main page since we have other printable games that come with another couple twist, just in case this didn’t tickle your fancy. And our bachelorette games, which contain our sexier without being downright dirty games are perfect as Jack and Jill wedding shower games, if we may say so.

Since you are not particular to Jack and Jill wedding shower games of the printable kind, we recommend you to check our coed bridal shower page, which contains our different couple themed ideas, which includes our game ideas with the right couple twist. Said games will require your guests to be more active than just playing with pen and paper games, but if you think this is better suited for your event, we say go for it. And since there’s really no rule that says you can only go one way (purely physical/active games) or the other (all pen and paper ones), we say go for a mix approach if that will be better for your event.


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Get our Jack and Jill wedding shower games card:

Our bingo game cards are all saved as images, so you can get them by doing your typical image-saving methods and procedures. And since you will most likely need more than the two here, we say navigate back to our main page, follow the links provided, and do your image-saving instructions until you reach the right number of bingo cards that matches the number of your guests/players.

More Jack and Jill wedding shower games:

If you are tired of the bingo game idea, how about using the couples in our bingo word list and using said names for a different game altogether?

This game can be a matching game, wherein you will assign the male pair on one couple/player, while his better half is assigned to another pair or player. The goal of each group or player is to find the one who has half of their pair and they need to do this within the shortest amount of time.

We think this is a great getting to know activity, so feel free to add some specific activities that your guests need to do in relation to the getting to know part, which can be knowing the name of the other player(s), some special information that they want to share to other guests, and so on.



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