Looking for a Jack and Jill Wedding Shower Game? Our Famous TV Couples Bingo might just be what you want


Be sure to check out the instructions of our Jack and Jill wedding shower game for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Looking for a couple themed shower games? Then you are on the right page, since we have something with a couple twist right here. Now if you are looking for couple themed shower ideas in general, then click here, and on said page, you can find the Jack and Jill shower ideas we have, from invitations designed for couple themed showers, to games, decorations tips, and so on.

As already mentioned above, the game found here is something that can be a perfect addition to any coed shower, and this one is all about Famous TV Couples Bingo. If that tickled your fancy, then this is where you can get more bingo cards, because as you can see, there are only two here on this page. Now if you would like to keep your options open, we do have other coed themed games, and general bridal shower games at that, and you can find the lot at our bridal shower games main page. You might also want to check our bachelorette party games page, since our sexier games are placed there, and we think they will make great Jack and Jill wedding shower games.



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Jack and Jill Wedding Showers Game (Card 6)



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Our Famous TV Couples Bingo, if you already guessed so, are different from traditional bingo because instead of numbers and such, this one is all about the names of famous fictional couple characters from certain television series, and 7th Heaven couples, couples  from Friends, and even Morticia and Gomez from The Addams family, are just few of the couple names you will find here. They are designed to be part of this bingo game, and although that is kinda different from typical bingo, you should still be able to play it the same way, which is the first player who can make a line match can be your winner. We just want to stress that since our game cards doesn't come with B I N G O columns, you might also want to consider this on the pacing between called out words, since what the absence of said columns means is that words are not associated to particular columns, meaning players will need to check out all the words to see if they have a match or not. But of course if they already found a match, no need to check out the other words further, since we did make sure that a word or on this case, a couple name will only appear once per card.

How to get our Jack and Jill wedding shower game:

Our Jack and Jill wedding shower game bingo cards are saved as images, meaning you can get them by going to the image you want in particular, doing a right click on it, and choosing Save File/Image As, depending on the browser you're using. And from there, just follow the saving instructions and you're on your way to getting the cards on this page. Since we're pretty sure you will need more than two cards for your game, even if your Jack and Jill wedding shower event is a pretty small one, navigate to our Famous TV Couples Bingo main page, follow the provided links, and from there you will reach similar pages to this one, which contains two other bingo cards for this game. Just repeat this process until you get all the bingo cards you need.


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