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The kitchen ideas here is more of the bridal shower invitation kind. And we have something more than the one you see on this page since this is a pretty popular theme so we made sure we can give our readers lots of invitation options, which you can find here.

But if you want ideas like theme-based games, decoration tips and anything and everything that can help on your shower preparations, find all these in our kitchen bridal shower page.


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Unlike baby showers which comes with lots of shower themes, bridal showers have way less, although kitchen themed showers seem to be the more popular choice among all brides and friends of the bride. Maybe it’s because many brides want to be equipped with the right kitchen and cooking stuff before they enter married life. Or maybe they feel they need to boost to their stash of recipes. Whatever the reason, lots of brides love the idea of being thrown a kitchen themed shower, so if your friend is of the same mind, make sure you check out our kitchen shower ideas page for our list of tips, from ideas on how to decorate for your kitchen themed shower, to game ideas that can involve cooking or anything that we associate to kitchen. All said ideas are found on said page.

But for those looking for our kitchen themed invitations, you are on the right page since this is one of our kitchen shower ideas for your invitations. As we already mentioned, this is one of the more popular theme, which is why we made sure we have tons of kitchen themed invitation designs available to give our readers and visitors lots of options. The specific invitation found on this page includes a cute cook in the picture. If you are looking for something simpler, with a different design or a different “cook” altogether, we do have them so check out our kitchen shower invitations main page.

Although we have lots of kitchen themed invitations, you might still would like to check out our general bridal shower invitations, general because they were not designed for any theme, may it be kitchen or otherwise. And if you decided you love these general invites and still would love to throw your friend a kitchen themed shower? That should not be a problem at all, since all our invites has a Theme field that you can use for this very purpose.

How to use our kitchen shower ideas and invite:

When we designed our invitations, we made sure we will have similarly designed bridal shower invitations (with all the relevant fields and all), thank you card, and a blank card. The purpose of invitation and thank you card is quite obvious, so we won’t spend too much time on those. But for the blank card? This is the card we would like to pitch for people who doesn’t like the fields or wordings of our provided invitation, would like to personalize their invitation wordings to further entice their friends to attend, or just need something like this for their other printable needs. Looking for a template for your name tag? Looking for a Save The Date template? Said blank card might just help you out on said needs, although you may need to customize it a bit, since said template is too big to be used as a name tag, for example.

If you think the above printables will be quite useful for your bridal shower preparations, you can download them by right-clicking on the image, choosing Save File/Image As and saving each image to C:\Images or your preferred image folder. Once you have a local copy, you can edit it using your favorite image editor, or your ever reliable Microsoft Word.



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