FREE Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Invitations, Thank You Notes and Blank Cards For Kitchen Themed Showers


Be sure to check out the instructions of our kitchen themed bridal shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Kitchen themed showers or anything related to cooking is quite popular with lots of bride to be’s which is why you will find tons of bridal shower invites with the right kitchen design on our site, and the invitation found on this page is just one of our many invites for said theme. We think the bride to be on this invite, wearing her apron and holding that rolling pin is really cute, but if this doesn’t match your idea of a nice kitchen themed bridal shower invitations, we suggest you  check out our kitchen bridal shower invites main page to see your other invite options.

And although not explicitly made as kitchen themed bridal shower invitations, we think our general bridal shower invites are pretty enough to warrant you looking at it. You will find no kitchen themed elements whatsoever on said invites, but since each comes with getting married elements, they are expected to work on all types of bridal showers, so make sure you check them out.


Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Invitations



CREATIVE Bridal Shower Thank You Cards





CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards



Ready To Use Bridal Invitations





How to get our kitchen themed bridal shower invitations:

There are three types of templates found here, a ready to use invitation, a thank you card, and a blank card. All are saved as images, so to get the template or image you want, just do a right click on the image, choose Save File/Image As, depending on the browser you’re using, and save it to C:\Invitation or your preferred image folder.

Now that you have said templates locally, it’s time to discuss how you envision your bridal shower invitations. If you are the type who just wants to add your party info and you think your invitations are good to go, we say go for the ready to use invitation since that is our idea when we came up with said template. Now if you are the type who prefers to come up with your own invitation wordings since you want to personalize how you “talk” to your guests about her bridal shower, we suggest that you check out our blank template. And since it still comes with the same design and background as the ready to use invite, you can choose to concentrate on coming up with nice wordings, without worrying about the background design. But if you think these invitations need further embellishment, unless of course you plan to start everything from scratch, we think using this as base template and adding your embellishment is an approach you can consider. And speaking of additions, you might also want to check out our bridal shower clipart, wherein we compiled some cliparts related to anything and everything about getting married and bridal shower in a PDF file. That is definitely something you can look at when planning your embellishment and such.

Whether you are using the ready to use invite or the blank template, you can use your favorite image editor to “edit” these images so you can add your personalized information. Now if you don’t have a favorite image editor at all, you can also make use of Microsoft Word to do the same thing, since by just inserting the template on a blank document, and inserting a text box on top of it, you can actually type in your party details or wordings already. We do suggest that if you are using the ready to use template, insert one text box per field instead of a single text box for the whole template. The said method will help you make sure that whatever text you type in will indeed be aligned with the text that comes with the template by default. Now since the blank template doesn’t have any field and such, a single box for the whole template will do.



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