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Looking for lingerie bridal shower games? You can either be throwing her a lingerie themed shower and is looking for the right theme-based game to add to your list of shower activities. Or you can also be having a general themed or other themed bridal shower, but thinks a lingerie game is a great addition on any kind of bridal send off party.

Whatever your reason, we say check out the game we have here, to see if the game found on this page is good for your event. First and foremost it is a bingo game, but instead of numbers that one usually associate with bingo, this one is made up of names different lingerie types and some materials that are commonly used to make them.

If you prefer the traditional bridal games that involve words associated to general bridal shower, wedding and bride stuff, we also have that in our bridal shower game main page.  You can find lots of bingo games, word search games, and also a scramble word game on said page, which should give you lots of options on your bridal shower activities.

Similar to majority of our bingo cards, words are not tied to a specific column only, so it means that lingerie names that appeared on the first column on one card, can also appear on another column on the second card, and so on.  We think this will just mean your guests need to be extra attentive when words are being called out, since of course they don’t want to miss out on a word or two that could have made them win said bingo game.



Lingerie Bridal Shower Games Bingo Card

Lingerie Bingo Cards 1 & 2

Lingerie Bingo Cards 3 & 4


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Lingerie bridal shower games alternative:

As already mentioned above, we think a lingerie themed activity is worth considering even if you are not having a lingerie themed shower per se. But we do have another game, a bingo game with the right cocktail twists to be exact, which is somewhat similar to this lingerie themed game because of the fact that although there will be themes wherein it was specially designed for (eg. Stock the Bar), it can also fit right in on bridal shower themes beyond that. Interested? Then make sure you add this bingo game which is all about the names of different cocktails, and Sex on the Beach, Orgasm and Woo Hoo are just a few examples.

Of course another option is to go beyond the pen and paper version, like why not have a lingerie dressing game race? It might be more active than the game found on this page, and it also means you will not be using the above games at all, but if the active version is the better option for your guests and event, then we say go for it!



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