Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas, Decoration Stuff and Tons of FREE Printables!

Lingerie bridal shower anyone? If you wanna make your girl friend's wedding night more exciting, then make sure you throw her one! Want to equip her with sexy stuff? Get some experienced friends give bride-to-be some free advice? Then a lingerie wedding shower might just be what you're looking for!


Free Shower Invitation

Throwing your girl friend a bridal shower? Our bridal shower invitation, thank you cards, and miscellaneous cards for this theme are all here.

Having a bachelorette party? Take a look at our MUST-SEE and theme-based party invitations and cards.

We have also prepared these free bridal shower cliparts for those who want to challenge their creativity and make their own cards.

Sample Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitations

Want to shower the bride to be with tons of lingerie to make her ready for her honeymoon? Then throw her a lingerie shower, and check out the rest of the ideas on this page since it will be of interest to you.

We would also want to show you a sample of our lingerie shower invitations, which we think might just suit your taste. If you prefer another model, make sure you check out the rest of our lingerie bridal shower invitations, since we have other designs that you can choose from.



Bridal Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based bridal shower or bachelorette party! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Bridal Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our party menu for this theme.


Bridal Shower Game Ideas


Lingerie Bridal Shower Games






Need more printable games ? Tons of printable shower games available here!




More Lingerie Bridal Shower Game Ideas


Whose Undies? (Clean Fun)

This is a cool game to play on a lingerie shower, without getting downright naughty.

When you invite your guests to this shower, ask them to bring some undies that will be used for this game. Be sure to collect them the minute they arrive before anybody can take a peek on who brought which.

The idea is to guess which underwear corresponds to which guests. Each player must be able to get the owner's name right for her guess to be considered correct.

The person who was able to make the most number of correct guesses wins the game, of course.


The Great Underwear Race (Clean Fun)

This game is a race to find the most number of matching bras and panties from a tub full of undies. You can either buy/borrow different bras and panties for this game, or just buy some disposable ones and customize them so as to make each one different from the other. Be sure to throw in unmatched bras and panties so as to make this game more challenging and fun!

The prize will go to the group who was able to find the most number of matching bras and panties within the time limit.


Eat My Cherry (Clean Fun)

You will need tubs of cream and lots of cherry for this game.

Your guests need to find the cherries from their tub of cream using their mouth and eat each cherry as they find it. The person who was able to find and finish off all the cherries in the shortest time possible will win a prize.


NEW Lingerie Bridal Shower Game


We have just added a new game which we think is perfect as a lingerie bridal shower activity!

It is a bingo game but unlike the typical bridal shower bingo which features words related to bride to bes, weddings and bridal showers, this game contains names of popular (and not so popular) cocktail names, wherein some are just sexy, while others are downright naughty! Perfect for any bridal shower, right?!

Get our newest bridal shower game here. For those who prefer the old bingo version, no worries, since they're still available on our Bridal Shower Bingo page.


Want more bridal shower games? More lingerie bridal shower game candidates here.


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