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Be sure to check out the instructions of our printable bridal shower games for free for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Do you want printable bridal shower games? The games we have on this page is a bingo game, but instead of traditional bingo games of old, with all the numbers and such, this one comes with names of male and female pairs of the animal variety as part of your bingo word list, primarily because we have designed this game so that it will be a fitting addition to bridal showers wherein both the bride and groom to be has decided to be both present. To get more of our printable bridal shower games for free bingo cards, click here.

If what you want for your printable bridal shower games for free doesn’t match what you see on this page, we highly recommend you check out our bridal shower games page, since we have lots of other printable bridal shower games for free that you can download.  And we also highly recommend you check out our bachelorette party games page. And yes we know it’s not exactly tagged for bridal shower purposes, primarily because they are naughtier and sexier than what we categorized under bridal shower games. But nevertheless, if the bride to be is not that allergic to the idea of sexy games, then check them out and get more printable bridal shower games for free.


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Get and play our printable bridal shower games for free:

Our bingo cards are all saved as images, so to get them, just do a right click on each image, choose Save File/Image as, which will depend on the browser you’re using. You can then save the downloaded image at C:\Games or your preferred game folder. And since we’re pretty sure you will need more than the two cards we have here, we recommend that you go back to our Animal Couples Bingo game main page, visit each of the provided links on said page, which will help you reach a similar page as this one, wherein you will find two more bingo cards.

And just in case you will have more guests that the cards we made available for this game, you might want to print multiple copies of certain bingo cards, which we think is an easy solution to this problem. Of course you can always go to the trouble of making your own bingo cards with the help of certain sites that exist for this purpose, so just make a decision based on what you are comfortable with.

Like other bingo games, this can be played wherein a host will be assigned to call out the words while players will try to check out all the words on their cards and find a match. Matches will then be marked, and once a player marks all the words in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line completely, then that player can be declared the winner. And since these cards doesn’t come with B I N G O columns, which means that words are not tied up to specific columns (unlike in traditional bingo wherein numbers 1-15 are only expected to be search and found at Column B), this means that words can appear on any part of the card so each player will need to check all the words before they can declare that they indeed don’t have said word.  This will need to be considered by the host so she can set the pacing properly between the words she call out.

That’s the traditional way of playing this game. If you feel like adding your own twist to personalize this game for your friend’s shower, we highly recommend you do so since customizations and personalization is a key ingredient in turning your friend’s shower into an AMAZING bridal shower.


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