Printable Wedding Shower Invitations For Shoe Themed Bridal Showers. Also comes with FREE Thank You Notes and Other Cards

Printable Wedding Shower Invitations (Shoe Themed)


For those looking for printable wedding shower invitations, we have one of our many invitations right here, one designed for shoe themed bridal showers so if she has a passion for footwear, from Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos or any other brand, go this page and find out more on how to celebrate her passion for footwear, while on this page, you can find the perfect invitation the will complement your other love for shoes preparations.

Now if your idea when you made your search is different  from what we have here, no worries, since we have lots of other theme-based invitations, just in case you are looking for something different because you have a different bridal shower theme in mind. Now whether you decided to go for a theme-based shower or just a general bridal send off, you might also want to check out our stash of general bridal shower invitations, since we know that not everyone of our visitors might be sold to the idea of a theme-based shower.




Ready To Use Bridal Invitations





CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Cards

FREE Printable Wedding Shower Invitations

If she has a passion for footwear, specifically shoes, a shoe themed bridal shower is perfect for her, which means the above printable bridal shower invitations, with its shoe-themed design, will complement all your other bridal shower preparations.




How to get and use our printable wedding shower invitations:

All our printable wedding shower invitations come with three types of invitation templates, a ready to use invite, a thank you note card, and last but not the least, a card that we left purposely blank so as to make it more flexible for your different printable needs. All these are saved as images, so similar to other images, just do a right click on an image, choose Save File/Image As, then save it on your preferred image location.

Once you have a local copy, you can use your favorite image editor to edit it and fill it up accordingly. Or you can also do it our way and just use Microsoft Word to edit.

If your idea for your bridal shower invitation is to just input your party details and they’re good to go, then we say use the ready to use invite we have provided. Now if you plan to personalize your invitation wording, then we say use the blank card instead. Either way, you can insert the template of your choice in a blank Microsoft document, then insert a text box on top of that. And you just type whatever you want inside said text box.

Now if you are planning to use the ready to use template, you also need to make sure that the text you input is aligned to the field name. Based from previous experience, inserting one text box per field is the better way to go since it will really give you ease of navigation compared to going for the single text box for everything approach.

So once you’re done inputting your text, save your document or image, print it if you plan to snail mail it, or if you prefer to go paperless, just highlight image and text and save it as an image file, insert it as an attachment to your email, and they’re ready to be sent to your guests and friends!


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