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Be sure to check out the instructions of our shower games for bridal shower for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Looking for bridal shower games? What we have on this page is one of our many pen and paper bridal shower game,  a bingo game to be specific. But instead of typical bridal bingo which includes words related to bridal shower or anything related to getting married, this one is all about the different names of popular cocktails, which makes it a nice addition on any bridal shower, and is extra perfect as a stock the bar or something similar bridal shower. To get more bingo cards, you can click here.

Now if that didn’t tickle your fancy, we say check out our shower games for bridal shower main page.  On the top most section, you can find our other pen and paper games, which include different kinds of bingo games, other printable games like word search and the like. If you think the bride to be would like to have some sexy games on her shower, we also recommend you check out our bachelorette party games, since we have placed our naughtier games there.


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Get and play our shower games for bridal shower:

As with our other printable games, these bingo cards are saved as images, so you can get them by doing a right click on the image, choosing Save Image/File As, and saving it on your preferred folder location. And since we’re  pretty sure you will have more than two guests/players on your shower, we say click here to get more bingo cards, and follow the above saving instructions until you reach the right number of cards.

But just in case you have more guests than we have bingo cards, one easy way to fix this is to print multiple copies of some cards until you have the right number. But if you do have the time and inclination, we say make your own bingo card with the help of online bingo makers. You can still use the provided cocktail word list or if you prefer it, you can also make your own list. And if you do decide that it is worth doing, you can also make use of the design of our Cocktail Bingo as background to your created bingo cards. This can easily be done with the help of some image editing magic that you can implement on your favorite image editor. And as always, we say go with the approach that you are more comfortable with, since either way will help you reach the right bingo card number, and even if there will be more winners than usual if you go for the first approach,  that is more reason to celebrate, right?!

More shower games for bridal shower:

If at this point you are still looking for more shower games options , and you happen to have a theme chosen for the bride to be, we say check out our bridal shower themes page, find our entry to your chosen theme, and on your destination page, you will find our theme-based game ideas, which are usually the physical and active variety. And since there’s really no rule that says you only have to go purely physical or active games or all pen and paper games, if you think a mix of said games is something that your guests and event will welcome, we say go for the mix approach.

The mix approach should also help you personalize your bridal shower game activities, since it will be up to you to decide which game will make it to your list of activities ,which ones will not, and all will depend which games you think will work great for your event.

With all these ideas, that should already give you tons of shower games for bridal shower.



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