Princess Thank You Cards Bridal Shower

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Whether the bride to be just adores stories of once upon a times or you just want to treat her like a princess on this special day, a princess theme bridal shower is a perfect choice.

Have a fun time with the soon to be bride with bridal shower games with some fairy tale twist. This will indeed be a memorable send off party before she enjoys her happily ever after with her very own prince charming!

Do you have special instructions to your guests? Instructions can vary from your preferred attire of your guests to some special requests like "Bring a photo of your prince charming" just in case you need it for a game or two. Don't forget to send those special instructions with your bridal shower cards.

You can find free bridal shower invitations for princess theme bridal shower on this page. We also provided similarly designed thank you cards bridal shower and blank cards to go with each invitation.



CREATIVE Free Bridal Shower Cards

Princess Thank You Cards Bridal Shower & Invitation

CREATIVE Exclusive Bridal Shower Cards

Princess in Pink Thank You Cards Bridal Shower & Invitations

How to use our thank you cards bridal shower:

Download our image by right-clicking  on the image, and choosing Save Picture As. Save image to C:\Images folder.

Insert your chosen bridal shower invitation in a blank Microsoft Word document. You can do this by choosing Insert > From File  and then browsing to C:\Images and choosing the right invitation image.

Insert a text box by choosing Insert > Textbox > Horizontal. A text box should appear in your document.

Double click on the text box and ensure that in the Colors and Lines tab, the Fill-Color section says No Fill and Lines-Color section says No Lines.

You can then move the text box such that it overlaps the image you inserted before. Just move the text box to the invitation field, click on the text box, and type in your details. Feel free to customize your font type, size and color.


  • You can use one text box per invitation field (eg. One for date, another for the time field). This will make it way easier for you to align your text to the image text.

  • Once the necessary fields are filled up,  you can just highlight the image plus your text and make another copy in the same document. In this manner, you can print the document with two invitations, instead of just one.

  • Or if you would rather email this invitation to your friends, just copy image + text to Photoshop or your preferred image editor and save it as JPEG. Your invitation is now ready to be emailed!


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