Golf Themed Bridal Showers


If golf is one of the things the bride to be enjoys the most, then you and her friends might want to shower her with lots of “toys” she can use the next time she goes for her green session with her  soon to be hubby, family and/or friends.


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Bridal Shower Game Ideas


Golf Themed Bridal Showers Games



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Swing It Baby (Clean Fun)

This is actually a mini golf game with some trivia twist. So if you’re adding this on your shower activities, make sure you can get your hands on a mini golf kit.

But knowing how to put the ball inside a hole is just half of the game. The other half entails your guests knowing lots of things about the bride to be, specifically the answer to a trivia question that they get to draw from the lot every time they successfully hit a ball into a hole.  They need to answer this question correctly before they can move to the next one. Otherwise, they can move to the next trivia question (they can do up to three passes on the entire game).

You can use the typical mini golf scoring rules, but if you want to make it simpler, we think that the player who moved farthest on the course definitely deserves the Mini Golf Champion title. If you need to break a tie or two, you can take the time element and the number of passes made when considering the winner.

19th Hole (Clean/Naughty Fun)

What’s a trip to the greens without spending a great time on one’s favorite 19th hole and enjoying a drink or two? And on this game, each player’s expertise on drinks, at least, their ability to recognize what they are drinking, is going to be challenged.

You need to prepare lots of drinks for this activity, and each concoction should have a bit to tons of alcohol in it. You also need tons of glasses, which should contain a wee bit of each drink. However, instead of drinking from the glass, we suggest that you get some of those naughty straws and have each guest use it when they do this taste test.

The goal of each guest is to identify what kind of drink it is. To make it more challenging still, you can "serve" the same drink more than once. That should weed out the lucky guessers and leave you with your drink connoisseur.

Gulp Race (Clean Fun)

This may get a wee bit messy, but this will be a fun game in any bridal shower, and customized to work well with your other golf stuff.

The idea is to find all the golf candies from a tub of cream and eat them as each player finds them. The person who was able to find and finish off the candies at the shortest time possible wins the game.

Remember Me (Clean Fun)

This is actually a memory game. You will need tons of golf-related items and some boxes to contain them. The number of boxes depends on the number of characters of the bride to be’s name. Each box should be marked with the right character.

Each box should contain a given golf item. Each player should be able to remember which box (by letter) corresponds to each golf stuff. You can introduce each guest to the box randomly if you think this will make it more challenging and interesting.

Once a player finishes her peek inside the box, have them write down their answers and collect their paper. The player with the most number of correct letter-golf item answer definitely deserves a prize worth remembering.


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