Pirate Themes For Bachelorette Parties - Decoration Ideas and FREE Printables

Pirate Themes For Bachelorette Parties


This is one of our pirate decoration for bachelorette parties, so if you and her other mates have decided that nothing but a pirate themed party will do for her bachelorette, then great, these decorations will help you set your pirate themed atmosphere. Most of the freebies that comes with this decoration for bachelorette parties are saved in PDF format, so if you don't have a PDF reader yet, make sure you get one soon.

We have other decorations that will fit right in with your pirate themed party, just in case this didn't strike your fancy. Check them out at our main pirate themes for bachelorette parties decoration page.

For other themes for bachelorette parties, you can visit our main bachelorette party ideas page, wherein you will find more theme options right at your fingertips.



The preview on the left shows how this bachelorette banner is designed. If you are interested, then just right click on said link so that you can download our freebie on your computer, rather than just opening it from your browser. Again, said freebie is in PDF format, so you need your PDF reader handy.

Done with your download? Then it's time to open it up, print it on the right material where you want your banner to appear, and to cut out the excess paper so that you will just be left with the actual banner pieces. Although the preview doesn't show it completely, you will actually have a banner that will spell BACHELORETTE PARTY once you're done with all that.

Now how to hang your banner. You have the option of just directly posting these to one of your party room walls if you are allowed to do so. But if you are not, or whatever reason why you decided not to go for said approach, another way is to punch two holes  on each of the piece and just insert a string right between those holes and once you have everything stringed along, your banner is ready to decorate your party room!





Ready To Use Bachelorette Decorations


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This is the section where you can find ready -to-print small circle and square printables. We made these decoration themes for bachelorette parties to be quite small because we know there are lots of decoration aspects that require small size. Of course there are also some wherein bigger-sized printables are better, and that is why we also prepared bigger ones as seen below. More on that later.

Did you prepare some pastries like cupcakes, brownies, and the like? These might not look it, but when printed on your cardboard stock, glued on a toothpick, these can actually make any cupcake instantly become pirate themed cupcakes! The same could be said if you have plain-looking favor boxes that you want to accentuate with the right pirate elements without going through lots of effort. Just print these on sticker paper this time, and you can actually put it on the body of your favor boxes, or if you think it's cool, you can even use this to close the lid of your boxes with style.

And together with the bigger printable, we also think that stringing these small printables with the bigger ones can actually give you something that you can hang as your ceiling decoration or anywhere wherein something dangling will look cool. Just mix things up since variety is definitely something you want on your decorations.

We made these small printables to be quite versatile, so we are pretty sure you can think of lots of other ways to make these useful. So if you decided that these will help you, get our decoration themes for bachelorette parties, small printable collection.



Decorating your walls? Your ceiling? Your centerpiece? Other decoration areas higher than eye level? Then the small printables alone might not be enough since they are just too tiny to do the trick. And that is where these bigger printables will come in. Use these when you decorate your walls and your ceiling. As for your centerpiece, these will be more useful as an accent rather than something that you can use by its own, but if you already decided to say have blooms for your centerpiece, then just surround the vase with a ribbon and put this right smack at the middle and just like that, you injected your centerpiece with the right theme element. And that idea will actually work not just on your flower vase, but also on other centerpieces and even beyond centerpiece. So if you decided that you need these, this is where you can get our decoration themes for bachelorette parties, big printable collection.





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