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Be sure to check out the instructions of our vintage bridal shower ideas for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The vintage ideas on this page are more of the invitation kind. If this matches what you have in mind, find more invite options here, just in case what you see on this page did not tickle your fancy.

We also have the whole shebang, vintage themed decoration tips, food ideas and theme-based games. Find the lot on our vintage bridal shower theme page.


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If she has a thing for the past, the vintage times to be specific, and wouldn’t mind being showered with tons of dated stuff, why not throw her a vintage themed shower? And on this page, you can find our vintage bridal shower ideas for your invitations.

We might be bias, but we adore this invitation, since we feel that the colors, the bride to be and her dated outfit, really came together and became this nice bridal shower invitation perfect for vintage showers. If you agree with us, then make sure you check out our how to use instructions for some tips and such. But in case you are still open to other ideas, make sure you check out our vintage bridal shower ideas and invitations main page

. As always, we always pitch our general bridal shower invitations, which were not explicitly designed for a specific theme, and thus should work for different bridal showers.  And if you love said general invites but prefer a themed-based shower, each of our invitation comes with a Theme field that you can fill out for this very purpose, so that should not be a problem as well.


How to use our vintage bridal shower ideas and invitations:

On this page, you can find our vintage themed bridal shower invitation, a thank you card, and a blank card. The first is the invitation, and it comes with the different fields that we think is relevant information that one includes on any party invitations. Since you might have different wordings in mind, that is where the blank card will come in, since it will help you customize how your invitation will look like.  We also highly encourage you to personalize since of course, your invites are the first thing your guests will see about your event, and wowing them earlier is definitely better.

If you have other printable needs, from name tags and save the date cards, this blank card should also help you on that. You may need to format the size and such, but that should be easy enough to do with the help of your favorite image editor or Microsoft Word even – to do it on the latter, just go to the Format tab after inserting an image. You will see a width and height field on the upper right. Just type in a value until you reach the right size that matches what you have in mind. And if you want to type in some message, just insert a text box on top of the image, type what you want, and then click save. Your printable is ready to be printed.



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