Vintage Themed Bridal Shower Invitations, Thank You Cards and Blank Cards, all for FREE


Be sure to check out the instructions of our vintage themed bridal shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

You will find some bridal shower invites designed for vintage bridal showers on this page. We think our site's bride to be wearing that polka dot dress, plus the actual design or background of the bridal shower invite itself adds to the dated feel, making it a cool vintage bridal shower invitation candidate for any friends of the bride wherein the latter loves the vintage period. And just in case this did not really strike your fancy for one reason or another,  we recommend you check the rest of our stash at our vintage themed bridal shower invites main page.

Of course you could be at the stage wherein you are still looking for vintage themed bridal shower ideas in general, and not just the invitation kind. If so, this is where you can find our vintage bridal shower page, which contains all our ideas for said theme, including game ideas, decoration tips, what food to serve, favor ideas, all designed to complement whatever vintage stuff you already have or planned.


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CREATIVE Bridal Shower Cards




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How to get our vintage themed bridal shower invitations:

You will find that there are three templates on this page. The first one is actually our ready to use vintage themed bridal shower invitation, ready to use because it comes with some relevant fields that you can just fill up to reflect your party details. The second template is our thank you card, and last but not the least is our blank card which still comes with the same design as the others.

All of the above are saved as images, which means just do a right click on the image or template you want, choose Save File As, and save it to your C:\Invites folder or any preferred folder (just make sure you keep the location in mind) and that should take care of it.

How to make use of our vintage themed bridal shower invite:

Most likely you are still on the invitation side of things rather than the thank you part. If so, you can always just make use of our ready to use invite if you want a very straightforward approach to your invitation which will just include filling in the blanks so to speak. But if you think there are missing fields here or you find this approach too impersonal as it is and you would rather come up with something that will reflect some of the bride to be's character or at least something personalized, we recommend you check out the blank template since that is one of the main reason why we left it blank. And since we took care of the design as well, then you can just concentrate in coming up with your own prose that will wow your guests and friends. And please take note that you don't have to create everything from scratch. Of course it will be great if you can really come up with something out of nothing but if this is too challenging for you, well, we always say ideas that can help you come up with your own wordings are just a few GOOGLE away.

The thank you card is of course THE template designed so you can express gratitude to your guests after the shower. If it says all the things you want to say, then great, it is ready to be sent as it is. But it won't really surprise us if you have your own words of saying thanks as well and again, the blank template will really be quite helpful on these cases.




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