We have lots of Wedding Shower Bingo Template. On this page, you can find our Cocktail Bingo Cards


Be sure to check out the instructions of our wedding shower bingo template for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The bridal shower bingo template found on this page is one that comes with cocktail names as part of its word list, so instead of the numbers that comes with typical bingo, this one includes the likes of Orgasm, Blow Job, Hanky Panky, and Bloody Mary, just to name a few. We don’t know about you but there’s something about those cocktails being part of this bingo which makes this game a really fitting addition to any type of bridal shower. If you love it, this is where you can get more wedding shower bingo templates.

If this doesn’t match what you have in mind, no worries, since we have other bingo games that you can check out. Want something that features couples,  couples of the animal variety that is? How about names of famous TV couples? Those are just some of the bingo games we have and you can check them out at our bridal shower games main page.  And if the bride to be is not to conservative and is open to naughtier types of games, we also suggest you check our bachelorette party games page.


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Get our wedding shower bingo template:

As you can see, you can find two bingo cards on this page, and you can get them by using your typical method of getting images from the net, since these cards are saved as images. And since we’re pretty sure you will need more than two cards, just navigate to our Cocktail Bingo main page, follow the links provided there, and do the above image-saving instructions until you have all the cards you need for your event.

Playing our wedding shower bingo template:

You can easily play this like typical bingo wherein a host calls out each of the word, which happens to be cocktail names, players make their best to scour their cards and mark matches, with the first player who makes a line match being the winner.

But if you think bingo games are fun and all but you also think that it can use some extra “juice”, why not play this as a multi-level bingo game then? 

What we have in mind is to have multiple groups playing simultaneously, wherein each group have the same set of cards as the other group. And since this is the case, when there’s a winner from one group, there should definitely be winner(s) from the other groups as well. So you will start at level 1, wherein you can still use the line match as goal, so that winners who make either a horizontal, diagonal or vertical match can win said level and advance to level 2.

On level 2, there should still be groups simultaneously playing, albeit less than the previous level. The goal on this level can be the first player who makes an X mark on their card being the winner. Winners from each group will then move up to the next level, which can be the final level, depending on how big your group is, or how long you want to play this game. If this is your final level, then there should only be a single group playing, and the goal of said players is to match all the words found on the outermost square of their cards.

All these are ideas that you can choose to adapt as is, or if you feel that it can still be customized further, feel free to do so since you know your group better, and is on a better position to decide what will work and what will not.


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