Wedding Shower Decorating Ideas For Pirate Themed Showers. Also have FREE printables for Pirate Themed Bachelorettes!

FREE Wedding Shower Decorating Ideas


The wedding shower decorating ideas we have here is designed for pirate themed showers. If this is not what you have in mind, you can check our main bridal shower decoration page, or if you have a chosen theme in mind, just go to our bridal shower themes page, and from there navigate to the entry for your chosen theme. The destination theme page will contain lots of tips, which include decoration tips, wedding food ideas, printable invites, and so on.

Now let's move on to actual pirate themed ideas. Some black and hot pink will just be the right color for a pirate bridal party. A bit of gold and silver hues here and there are very welcome as well.

Decorating your party to look like a pirate ship will be quite cool, so we think you should go for it. This means adding a flag pole right in the middle of your party room (showing your pink pirate flag with a friendly-looking skeleton), and adding a ship mast, something that will pass as a canon, an anchor, skeletons in the right places, and a big ship steering wheel right there will add to your pirate atmosphere.

If you have a chest that will pass as a treasure chest, then drag it out and place it somewhere in the room where everybody can see. Make sure you add tons of goodies to make it look like an authentic treasure chest.

You can also add some dolls and stuff toys wearing bandana and an eye patch in the picture. Bring out some wall decors that show a ship, the sea, or some hidden treasures since they will be wonderful additions to your pirate bridal party decoration.

For your centerpiece, a chest full of chocolate gold coins and other candies will give your table a very piratey feel. You can also prepare an aquarium-like bowl with sand and water, and submerge some plastic rings in the sand. Some shells and small stones here and there will make this cute centerpiece way cuter.

If you want a more personalize centerpiece, then a photo of bride-to-be in her pirate getup will also be great. Better yet, ask the soon-to-be hubby to pose with her on a similar getup and your centerpiece just became hotter.

Order some black and hot pink balloons for your bridal decorations and you're all set for your very own pirate bridal party!




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FREE Wedding Shower Decorating Ideas


If she loves treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and all kind of hunts, how about throwing her a pirate-themed bridal shower? Although more popular as a bachelorette party theme, if you want to shower her with lots of treasures, sailing gears and the like, we suggest put some twist to it and throw her a pirate themed wedding shower! And on this page, you can find tons of wedding shower decorating ideas for your pirate themed shower.


We love these wedding shower decorating ideas, designed with that nice plaid pattern, so if you love it as well, and you happen to be throwing a pirate themed bridal shower for your friend, then we have tons of pirate-themed wedding shower decorating ideas for you.


Pirate-themed bridal parties are more popular as bachelorettes. So if your friend would love one to be hosted for her, and you plan to decorate for your party, then this is where you can find decoration themes for bachelorette parties.


Since we have plaid-designed decorations for bridal showers, we cannot NOT have one for bachelorette parties. This one was designed to make it a perfect addition to any pirate themed bachelorette decorations.


This page is where you can find pirate themed wedding shower decorating ideas. If you think you need other pirate themed bridal shower ideas, you can find it here, We also have pirate themed bachelorette ideas.



How to get and use our wedding shower decorating ideas:

The following instructions is focused on how to get the printable decorations we have here. One thing for sure, you need your PDF reader handy if you love our printables, since the lot comes in PDF format.

Our wedding shower decorating ideas include a banner that you can use for your shower or bachelorette party, and we also provided some printables that can aid you in decorating your ceiling and walls. We also have something that can decorate your cupcakes if you decided to have some, or even your favor box if you decided to do it yourself and you think it can do with some decorations here and there. Please take note that we made our printables to be extra versatile so that you need not be limited with the ideas we just shared, since we bet you have your own ideas on how to approach your decoration, and since we made these to be quite flexible, there's a high chance our printables will work with what you're thinking, even if these were not exactly designed with your decoration approach in mind.

So from our selection above, just follow the link that interested you. And when you reach the next page, which is the page that contains our printable freebies, just right click on the link to the PDF files which contain our printable decorations. 



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