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Be sure to check out the instructions of our wedding shower games free printable for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Here at Creative Bridal Shower Ideas, we have prepared lots of bridal shower games, whether you are looking for the printable kind or one that will require your guests to get out of their seats.

And here in particular is one of our many wedding shower games free printable, which is all about the different cocktail names to be played as a bingo game. You will find two bingo game cards on this page, and to get more, just get the rest of here at our wedding shower games free printable at our cocktail bingo main page.

And we also recommend you check our bridal shower games, since we have tons of other games, some of them bingo,  some word search games, and all are available for your download from our bridal shower games page.  And although tagged as bachelorette party games, we would like to pitch said games because aside from being a tad naughtier and sexier than our bridal shower games, we think they are worth looking at, as long the bride to be doesn’t mind adding said kind of activities.


Wedding Shower Games FREE Printable Cards

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Wedding Shower Games Printable Cards

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Playing our wedding shower games free printable with a twist:

Although this is a bit different from traditional bingo games which comes with numbers and B I N G O columns, this wedding shower games free printable can still be played like typical bingo, with a host calling out the words, or on this case, the names of the different cocktails, and since our cards doesn’t come with B I N G O columns, this just implies that the names of cocktails are not tied up to specific columns only, meaning it can be under the first column on one card, and on another column on another card. Since this is the case, your players will need to check out their entire card before they can declare that they indeed do not have said cocktail name. Which means the host will need to consider this as she calls out the words so that she can properly pace things out. But we did make sure that a particular cocktail name will only appear once per card so once found, no need to check out the rest of the words further.

And similar to typical bingo, you can still play it with the goal of the first player matching things horizontally, vertically or diagonally being the winner. But we think playing things differently will really turn this very traditional game into its more exciting version. And what we’re pitching is to play this as a multi-level game.

So if you like this idea, or at the very least interested or intrigued, what we’re thinking is to have multiple groups playing on Level 1 and Level 2, assuming you will only play this until Level 3.  Each group will be playing simultaneously and will have the same set of cards as the other groups. The goal on the first level can still be the line word matching, and since the cards are the same across groups, if there’s a winner from one group, it’s expected that there will be winners from other groups as well. Winners will move to the next level, wherein the goal this time is to match all the words such that the winner will have an X mark on their card. And since this is still not the final level, there will be simultaneous groups playing, although this number should be less than that of Level 1. Winners from Level 2 will then advance and compete with fellow winners on Level 3 or the last level. And here, there should only be a single group playing, and the goal this time is to match all the words found on the outermost square of the bingo cards. The winning player(s) definitely deserve some grand and cool prize, although if you do decide to give your lower-level winners  some kinds of tokens, that is more than fine!


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