Looking for Wedding Shower Ideas For Couples, specifically a Bridal Shower Game? Our Famous TV Couples Bingo is FREE


Be sure to check out the instructions of our wedding shower ideas for couples game for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The wedding shower ideas you will find on this page is the game kind, one of our couple themed bridal shower games to be specific.  To get ALL our wedding shower ideas for couples, not just games, visit our coed bridal shower page.

On this page, you will find two of the bingo cards related to our Famous TV Couples Bingo game, which is a bingo game that is composed of names of different fictional couples that were made popular via some TV series.  The couple here can be the main couple characters or their parents, friends and so on. And we didn’t really distinguish too much which is why even couples like Homer and Marge Simpsons from that popular animated series made it into our list.

If this matches the wedding shower ideas for couples you have in mind, or at the very least, you think this is a great game addition to her bridal send off party, then great, just get more bingo cards here, since we’re pretty sure you will need more than the two game cards found on this page. For more wedding shower ideas for couples, at least the game kind,  be sure to check out our bridal shower games main page since this is NOT the only couple themed game we have.


Wedding Shower Ideas For Couples Game (Card 7)




Wedding Shower Couple Game (Card 8)



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Although not explicitly tagged as bridal shower games, we think our bachelorette party games will make a nice coed shower games, that’s why we’re pitching them as wedding shower ideas for couples game. They are tagged as bachelorette games because they are sexier and naughtier than those we categorized under bridal shower games, which makes it extra fitting as a couple theme bridal shower games, if we may say so. Find out more by visiting our bachelorette party games page.

Get our wedding shower ideas for couples game:

Our bingo cards for our Famous TV Couples Bingo, as well as our other game cards, are all saved as images, which should make it simple for you to download them since you can just follow your typical method of getting images around the net and with those few steps, these game freebies will be right at your fingertips.

We prepared numerous cards because you will have numerous guests who will play this game, but just in case our bingo cards are too few for your event, one easy way to fix this is to print multiple copies of one or more of the provided bingo cards.  If you have the time, you can also make use of our word list (or you can go beyond this word list) and create your own bingo game with the help of 3rd party sites that offer bingo-making services. Please take note that if you do decide to come up with your own word list, then it means you will need to create all your bingo cards from scratch since what we have here and on our other Famous TV Couples Bingo game pages will no longer be useful to you. But since we also know for a fact that bingo maker sites are quite easy to use, we suggest you just go for the approach that you are comfortable with and will help you throw a better bridal shower for the bride to be.


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