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Debbie S - Chesterfield, Missouri


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I came across a great idea from a group in my area that I think your readers might like.

I have never seen anything like it. I purchased one for my sister's shower and she really liked it.

It's called the Tapestree and it is a display tree that comes with frames that can be used to display your family.

We had it engraved and all of the guests were sent a frame and asked to bring it to the shower to hang on the tree. A great memory piece.

Totally cool!!!



Ellen Joyce C - Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

Parisian Cafe


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Shared Photos from Ellen Joyce


Springtime in Paris... strolling along the Champs Elysses... dining at an outdoor cafe... taking in the masterpieces at the Louvre... and the shopping! It’s all part of the bride’s dream trip to Paris, so let's "take" Ellen there for her bridal shower without hopping on a plane.


Magdalena K - Whistler, British Columbia

Mary Antoinette Bachelorette Theme

All the ladies wore corsets, tutus, lace, feathers, high heels, and were encouraged to indulged! everything!

When you yourself run Party Organizing in Whistler (POW), you're guaranteed to have a killer party!

We decided on Vegas for the bridal party + wedding (on top of Rio, at Voodoo). The stagette included 24 galls dressed in corsets + tutus, a sexy photo-shoot, limo party bus with stripper poles, visit to the Sugar Factory, Fremont Street, Tao, Chateau Nightclub, Spearmint Rhino...and a pool-side villa party the day after.


Amanda - Nebraska

Bachelorette Party Centerpiece

A lot of big suckers that were shaped like male appendages stuck into a vase and tied with ribbon.


Flowers & Pumpkin Centerpiece

It was a wonderful, colorful centerpiece ~ A pumpkin with ribbon around it filled with beautiful flowers, it was so eye catching.

Here's how it was done: Take a pumpkin and scoop out the center. Put some water in it and fill with fall colored flowers, next tie a beautiful ribbon around the pumpkin. Little straight pins were used to help hold the ribbon on to the pumpkin.


Tracy - Greenville, Texas

Wedge Box Centerpiece

Itt was in the shape of a 3 tiered cake and the cake was assembled with wedge box favors filled with candied almonds, a wedge box was given with the slice of cake towards the end of the party. It was decorated with ribbon and silk flowers matching the bride's colors.


Martini Glass Centerpiece

I took a traditional Martini glass and placed a white candle in the center with potpourri around it. Then around the very edge of the glass we tapped a lacy garter and it was simple and elegant. It provided the bride a lovely centerpiece as well as a garter for the wedding day.


Jazz Theme

Jazz theme with saxophones playing and women wearing hats


Masquerade Theme

Colors: black, silver, hot pink, purple. Feathers everywhere, everyone had masks on, boas, beads, peals, etc. Big fun.


Emily - Lyndonville, Vermont

Barbecue Theme

I planned a bridal shower for my best friend, Averie and it's a Brides Barbeque themed shower!

I chose to plan a non-traditional shower by having a Bride's Barbeque. Each guest was asked to bring a few ingredients and then it is a cooking party. They are also asked to bring their favorite recipe on a card to share with the bride. There will be three different recipes that all the guests will go home with and make at the time of the shower. We will then have a cook out, socialize and a few games. I think this party will be a hit as it is different, laid back and fun.


Jamilea - Mississauga, Ontario

Beach Theme

Everything was white/blue and the center pieces were designed with sea shells and sand. The cake had a lot of brown sugar for the sand concept.

All the women were wearing summer dresses. The decorations were really nice with lit up mosquito torches all around the back yard.


Ashley - Memphis, Tennessee

Wine & Entertaining

The shower features a wine tasting (done by a great friend, who happens to be a wine snob) and gifts were in the "Entertaining" theme, such as serving pieces, barware, etc; that the happy couple will use for entertaining guests in their home. We served fruits & cheeses with the wine and went with Italian food for dinner. We also chose a "signature" cocktail to feature that night and gave everyone a recipe card for the cocktail to add to their collection. Additionally, guests received monogrammed cookies as favors.


Cheri O - Worthville, Pennsylvania


This is a variation on the "Balloon Wishes" activity I've seen mentioned before.

Instead of waiting until the day of the shower to ask the guests to write down a wish for the bride and groom, then taking the time to insert these into balloons and then making everyone wait while all the balloons were filled with helium, here's what I did: I sent out the Prayer/Wish papers with the invitations, asking people to write down a prayer/ wish for the couple, and then asked them to bring it with them to the shower (I had extra paper on hand the day of the shower in case someone forgot to bring their wish with them). I pre-filled the balloons with helium and attached curling ribbon and used them to decorate the room. Toward the end of the shower, I asked each guest to stand up and read their prayer aloud.

Once everyone had done so (and had dried their tears, and the bride's!), I simply used a punch to make a hole in the corner of the prayer, and I handed each guest one of the pre-filled balloons. Everyone had their prayer tied onto the ribbon on the balloon within a matter of a minute or so, then we went outside to send our "prayers" to the Heavens. Nearly everyone stayed outside, watching the balloons float up and away until they couldn't be seen. And nearly everyone was misty-eyed again! This was a huge hit :)


Michelle L - Rosemead, California


Sexy and stylish.










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