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This is one of our many lingerie themed bridal shower invitations. If this is not what you want, check our other invites here.

If you don't want any lingerie on your wedding shower invitations, visit our wedding shower invites page for more options.


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Many brides everywhere seem to love the idea of having a lingerie themed bridal shower, so if your friend is of the same mind, then why not throw her a lingerie themed shower, and lots of lingerie in the process? We bet she will love you for equipping her with tons of sexy stuff for her honeymoon and marriage life, and we’re pretty sure her hubby to be will be as appreciative as well.

So if you have finally settled that yes, this is the right theme for her, then you will love the wedding shower invitation templates free we have on this page, since it was designed for lingerie themed wedding showers to be specific, what with our cute bride to be wearing her pretty pink and black bustier. 

If you think this wedding shower invitation templates free will not fit your event because your friend is blonde and you prefer a blonde bride, you prefer something simpler, or you just want to keep your options open, make sure you check out our wedding shower invitation templates free main page, since we made sure that we have lots of lingerie invites available since this is a pretty popular bridal shower theme.

We also have bridal shower invites that were not designed for any specific theme, and will be a fitting addition to any bridal shower. So before you decide that this is indeed the right invite for your friend’s shower, we suggest you check out our general bridal shower invitations first. And if you like them very much, you can still use them and still have a theme-based shower, since all our invitations come with a Theme field for this very purpose.

How to use our wedding shower invitation templates:

As with our other wedding shower invitation templates free, we have provided the actual shower invite, a Thank You Card that comes with a similar design as the invitation, and a blank card that you can use for other purpose.  If you have the time and inclination, we say you personalize this invitation by using our blank card and creating your own invitation wording.  You can choose to come up with your own verse (this is the most recommended approach) , but if you or the bride to be is far from being a wordsmith, then you don’t even  need to reinvent the wheel as the saying goes, since there are lots of free invitation wording out there and you can just find one that suits your friend and her event best.

That should inject the right personalization to this generic wedding shower invitation templates free.


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